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However, instead of sending this information to Apple, the “Post” command shows that the information is sent to a strange website called We’re seeing a lot of malicious emails disguised as offers for credit card options like the two below.“All of the Credit, None of the Interest” and “Check out the benefits that Credit Cards have to offer and pick the best.” The first email comes from the strange website hhdiwo.download which was registered on May 31 by someone named Hatton Garden from London, GB.(A Google search informs us that “Hatton Garden” is a London Jeweler, also a safe deposit company, and also the name of a street in London.) The domain was registered less than five hours before the email was sent using the heavily abused service called )Vanity scams are meant to appeal to the recipients ego as he or she is invited to join an “elite group of professionals” or some other ridiculous invitation.The classic vanity scam is an invitation to join a professional “Who’s Who” of Who-dom.Plus, dating websites also provide users with different search results and notifications on a daily basis, making it even easier for you to find the one who can click with you on an emotional and personal level.The goal of secure and private chat rooms for singles is to provide individuals with a powerful platform where they can find the love of their lives regardless of what their religion is, where they come from, what their race, their orientation and culture.” “If you haven’t authorized this transaction ,click the link below to get a full refund.”The link isn’t even disguised but it is obfuscated. To help you understand domain names and what to pay attention to, visit our article “Learn to Surf Safely by Understanding Website Domain Names.” Let’s look more closely at the domain A WHOIS look up of this domain shows that it is owned by a legitimate company called Dyn (Dynamic Network Services). Before reacting emotionally and too quickly to a false charge, look carefully at the sender’s email address AND the link you are about to click. Virus cites no fewer than seven security services identifying this link as malicious and phishing! Subject line “inactivity of your account.” The email contains a clever web file titled “Verify_Form.shtml.” We’ve written about these many times in the past.

The recipient is asked if they have “issues with this transaction? Sub-domain and file names don’t mean that they represent the real company! The link from View Folder points to a hacked toy website in Russia called Can you tell which scam these are below; the vanity scam or the malicious mimic?They don’t even know your name but they salute your achievement? The top-level domain gdn was only just made available by ICANN on March 16, 2016.There are so many varieties of them but the most common are the “419 scams” named after the Nigerian 419 Penal Code from which they originated.A summary of them is simply that someone is going to send you money but you have to pay small fees to receive the funds. While we think folks have to be incredibly gullible to fall for these scams, history has demonstrated that even some of the most intelligent and professional people are that gullible.

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    My reason for leaving is that I am to be married - to a girl I met through the site.

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    We treat each client with respect and honesty, protecting our clients from scammers, providing them with all information they require.

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