Wordpress feed not validating

It uses a native Word Press interface and has minimal settings so as not to distract you from what you really need to do – publish your content.Primary Features Podcast Hosting Platform If you’re looking for a podcast hosting platform that is as simple as it is powerful check out Castos.Any and all translations (new languages or updates to existing ones) are always welcome. Go to «Podcast Settings» to customise your podcast.Podcast media files can be uploaded directly into Word Press, hosted on the integrated Castos platform, or hosted on any other site – in the latter case all you’ll need to supply is the URL to the file.Especially since I’ve just submitted my site to a bunch of blog agregators.I may have to re-enable caching and let that media type screw with the readers anyway, or I can modify WP-Cache so it is smarter about those particular files.And while I’m at it, I still can’t figure out how to correct the feed URL for my syndic8 listing, which is pointing to a very old (and broken) feed URL. Feed ID=187206 The broken syndic8 listing has stalled my experiments with [blogshares], which still hasn’t indexed of my site because of the aforementioned broken feed URL.So I submitted a new feed URL, and it’s created a whole new entry in their system. I didn’t realize it was busted until I realized the URL was actually invalid.

While you generally won’t develop Custom Post Types in your theme, you may want to code ways to display Custom Post Types that were created by a plugin.

I look for a way to disable caching of the feed URLs.

Ordinarily, you’d think you’d want to cache the feeds, but WP-Cache2 isn’t smart enough to not prepend the protocol requirement I think), but it’s a no-no for feeds, which are expected to be free of that stuff. I just discovered this fact using the Feed Validator.

Top ↑ Using Custom Post Types, you can create your own post type.

It is not recommend that you place this functionality in your theme.

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