Who is tyson beckford dating 2016

Tyson’s Body can be said as the fitness goal as he has one of the best bodies having a height of 6 feet. His eye color is dark brown, his hair color is also the same that us dark brown.

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The accident was very much massive because it had lead to catch fire in the vehicle.

Tyson was very upset hatred as it disgusted him when he heard about the rumor of him not dating any black woman.

He claimed in the media that he wished to ‘put a gun in the head’ of the person who had started the rumor.

This indicates how much Tyson has his determination and dedication towards his profession which gave the best results. It has been rumored that Tyson Beckford doesn’t want to date a black woman.

From some media, it was flashed that Tyson would not like to have a black woman as his partner or any non-white woman is not possible for them to be Tyson’s future girlfriend or wife.

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