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Obviously that release window didn't happen either, so now, according to Warner Bros bought the rights to the project from the Weinstein Company late last year, and Argentinean filmmaker Damian Szifron is directing the reboot, which will see Wahlberg star as Steve Austin.

James Orr was said to have beaten Fawcett in the course of their relationship and this led to their breakup.She started her early education at the Parish School of the St Patricks Roman Catholic Church in Corpus Christi which she and her parents attended, then she attended John J Pershing Middle School in Houston Texas. B Ray High School in Corpus Christi where she was voted most beautiful student by her classmates in freshman, sophomore, junior and senior years of high school.Farrah Fawcett became famous when she posed for her iconic red bathing suit poster which became the best selling pin-up poster in history, selling 12 million copies.Ryan and Farrah had been in and out of their relationship after their break up.On June 22, 2009, it was reported in the Los Angeles Times and Reuters that actor Ryan O’ Neal and Fawcett had agreed to get married as soon as she was strong enough from her illness but unfortunately Farrah died before they could plan a wedding.

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