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In the last conversation they had, a year ago, La Toya told her mother that Gordon was the only one who ever tried to do anything for her or ever cared about her.''All I can say is, he has brainwashed her,'' Katherine says. I know she would never say these things on her own.''- - -If La Toya`s book contains half the dirt that Gordon has said is in there, it`s quite a nasty piece of work.After interviewing Gordon, The Globe- the tabloid that recently apologized to Tom Selleck for printing that he was gay and settled his million lawsuit out of court-published these tidbits: Michael Jackson is gay, buys baby boys for playmates, and currently has seven living with him.You might know a bit about Katherine Jackson, Michael`s mom. He listed Las Vegas as his birthplace in 1981 when he changed his name from Jack Leon Gordon to Samuel Issac Gordon, ''in loving memory'' of his father, Issac, and his grandfather Samuel. Except, according to his birth certificate, his father`s name was Abe). In 1979 he was convicted of trying to bribe a Nevada state gaming commissioner and spent some months in a federal peniteniary. In a telephone interview, he said: ''I was all over the news for bribery.The person La Toya always called ''my best friend.'' About whom she recently said, ''I love her very much.''But you probably don`t know much about Jack Gordon, a convicted felon, a former owner of massage parlors, and ''a wonderful manager,'' according to his one and only client and wife. But in 1983, when he changed his name from Samuel Issac Gordon to Clifford William Johnson because ''it was the name of a deceased friend that I always admired and I want to perpetuate the name in his memory,'' he said he was born in Springfield. Charges of pandering in Los Angeles in 1984 resulted in 3 years` probation.(Gordon doesn`t deny any of this but doesn`t admit it either. I didn`t want my family to suffer seeing my name in the headlines.'')When he met La Toya in 1985, he was making a mid-life career change.Gordon, who`s with La Toya 24 hours a day, is either (a) saving her life or (b) ruining it. She lives at home, at the family`s 2-acre estate in Encino, Calif., which has a playhouse, a recording studio, a theater, a darkroom, an ice cream parlor, and animals roaming the grounds. She spends all her time with her mother and her mother`s friends.''I used to talk to her about going out more,'' Katherine says in a telephone interview, ''but she would say there`s nothing out there she wanted. He wanted to hit it big in show biz, and he thought she could be his ticket.''I saw her as a big star, a huge star,'' Gordon says. There`s Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson and La Toya. She`s a Jehovah`s Witness, he says he`s ''very Jewish.''At the time, she was 30, he was 48.

If they choose to live their lives and get married, why should we interfere?An excerpt in Playboy with more naked pictures and more snakes. When she performed with her brothers and sisters, she only mouthed the words. 5, 1989, in Las Vegas, but it`s supposed to be a secret. We have security with us at all times.'')Back in 1985, La Toya`s father, Joe, was her manager. Joe Jackson had some movie offers for her, but she didn`t want to do them. She chose to go with me.''As far as the Jackson family is concerned, that was the beginning of the end of their relationship with La Toya.While all this was being planned, the publicist met with La Toya only once. Her family has encouraged her to try modeling or acting, but she`s not interested. When Joan Rivers recently asked La Toya about her marital status, she answered, as she does most questions these days, ''Read my book.''When Gordon was asked if they`re married, he said that if they are, ''it wasn`t for love.'' Then what? Gordon went to Jackson with a deal.''He told Joe he could get her to do things that Joe couldn`t,''Katherine says.''He said he knew how to persuade her. Gordon took her to Europe to perform and make records, and then to New York to make a video.She is a producer, known for Playboy Celebrity Centerfold: La Toya Jackson (1994), The Apprentice (2004) and Michael Jackson and ...Premiya Muz-TV 2010 (TV Special) Herself - Special Guest / Surprise Guest Performer / Accepted the honorary 'Za vklad v mirovuyu muzykalnuyu industriyu' award for her brother, the late Michael Jackson (as La Toya Dzhekson) On gay marriage: "It is so difficult in the world for people to find love, true love.

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