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According to Brooks, regardless of any kind of "animosity and jealousy" between the brothers, there is an "underlying love that anybody would have if they were an only sibling and now they have somebody." When asked to describe the relationship, Clifton said jokingly, "Liam no like Wyatt." He continued, "I would say layered, dialectical, and in some ways paradoxical." Brooks said, "Obviously competitive, jealous, but there's also a huge need for a brother's love that they've never had, for both of them." Hope initially rejects Wyatt's advances because she is engaged to Liam, but she enjoys the fact that he only has eyes for her, while Liam is consistently torn between her and her stepsister, Steffy Forrester.

According to Brooks, Wyatt legitimately adores Hope.

" Wyatt does not shy away from the challenge of battling Liam for Hope's affection.

Of Wyatt's competitive nature with his brother Liam, Brooks said, "[Wyatt] has always wanted a love from a brother, but he finds it fun competition for him right now in trying to get the girl!

In addition to expanding the Spencer family, Wyatt immediately becomes a rival for his half-brother, Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton), for their father's affections and the affections of Liam's longtime love, Hope Logan (Kim Matula).

Wyatt is raised by his single mother, Quinn, and becomes accustomed to doing anything to survive.

At the time, Wyatt has just "poured his heart and soul into pursuing Hope," only for her to reject him for Liam.

However, when Wyatt learns that Bill gave Quinn money to get an abortion, "He's torn between his lying mother and a father who didn't want him in the first place." Had these secrets come out over a period of time, Wyatt may have been able to take them in stride, but because everything comes out at once, Wyatt is left feeling like, "Nobody wants me. I'm related to a wishy-washy guy, and my girl doesn't want me." Though Wyatt is able to overlook Bill not wanting him, he clashes with Bill again when after learning he has "abandoned" his youngest son Will with estranged wife, Katie Logan (Heather Tom).

He continued, "On Monday, my manager called and said, 'We've got a chemistry test for BOLD.' On Wednesday, I went in, met people; it was great.

They called afterward and asked me to come back on Friday to chemistry read with somebody else.

Brooks revealed told Soap Opera Digest about how he got the job.

"It happened super-quick," said Brooks of his casting.

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