Who is hulk dating accomodating nephew

Their relationship may be far from normal, but in the world of fictional superheroes, it actually worked.

Not that fans were asking for it, which is why in , the interaction between Bruce Banner and Natasha was extremely limited. It’s hard to say, but as we dive into all the weird facts about Black Widow and the Hulk, some might say them parting ways is simply for the best.

This would also be the reason for Natasha becoming a spy too, honoring her late husband.

This is anything, but true, and die-hard comic book fans know this.And to think there's still more guys Natasha dated in alternate timelines.There are more than a few reasons regarding why the relationship between Banner and Natasha is an odd choice.But don’t worry MCU fans, when one ship ends, another is surely to begin.Having a love interest in comic book movies is just another way for audiences to identify with the characters.

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