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The most interesting part of the entire episode in my mind was during the night portion of their date!

Why in the world did Arie walk away after Lauren told him she was falling for him?! And then when he came back he said he wasn’t himself because he was vulnerable, but that doesn’t explain why he got up and walked away.

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But of course I didn’t miss anything because they barely said anything to each other. I kind of just chuckled to myself after I wrote that because I realize that I actually sent myself home when I was on the Bachelor. So I always find it refreshing when someone realizes that and goes home on their own. I’m always really impressed when someone decides to send them self home . I guess I just think so many people on the show get caught up with the winning and like Jacqueline said, falling in love with the idea of falling in love rather than falling in love with the actual person on the show.I mean, he obviously left to go talk to a producer quickly. The only explanation and my mind is that maybe he walked off camera to talk to a producer about whether or not he could tell Lauren that he was falling in love with her too.But the reason I have a hard time believing that’s what he did is because when I was the Bachelorette it was made very clear all the time that you shouldn’t say I love you until the end just in case you change your mind about who you end up choosing in the end.

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