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As Speaker, Villaraigosa was an advocate for working families and helped to write legislation protecting the environment, expanding healthcare access, and increasing funding for public schools.

He ran for mayor in 2001 against Los Angeles City Attorney James Hahn, but lost in the second round of voting.

Villaraigosa placed first in the primary for the Los Angeles mayoral election of March 8, 2005, and won the run-off election on May 17, receiving 58.7% of the vote.

On July 1, 2005, Villaraigosa was sworn in as the 41st Mayor of Los Angeles.

The accident converted Villaraigosa into "a new champion of cyclists' rights", when he declared a bicycle safety summit, and announced that he would push for the passage of a "3 foot passing rule" in California.

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Since leaving office in 2013, Villaraigosa has continued to be actively engaged in education, civic engagement, water, immigration, transportation, and economic development issues.

During his tenure as mayor, he gained national attention for his work and was featured in Time's story on the country's 25 most influential Latinos.

He was the first Mexican American in over 130 years to have served as Mayor of Los Angeles.

In 1994, he was elected to the California State Assembly.

Within his first term, he was selected to serve as Democratic Assembly Whip and Assembly Majority Leader.

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