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In 50 years they might be walking through a re-creation of the halls of their old high school.About 60 percent of seniors are already online today, on social networks, gaming platforms or dating sites such as Our Of course, the advances will also probably spur a spate of centenarian coupling, too.That old couple that you smile at as they take a stroll in the park?Those numbers will grow as more digitally savvy generations hobble into the future.

There is a growing belief it can create an ability to have full-fledged, wide-angle experiences, and even relive cherished memories.

Dating guide author Jennifer Kelton says it’s all about dopamine and oxytocin, and the rush we get from social interactions which spur the brain chemical.

It’s a hormone that is integral to meaning and excitement — and love — no matter what our age.

There are companies that are filming 360 degree video from multitudes of heights and perspectives to allow users to participate in movies, rather than just watch them.

Oculus Rift, owned by Facebook (FB), is ready to launch next-generation headsets next year.

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