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They became good friends, and keep in regular contact.Peter even describes Livorno as “one of my favourite places in Italy”.

By watching others and experimenting on his own, over the years Marco has become an authority on this much loved Italian classic, and for some years now has had his own immaculate workshop and vintage Vespa scooter showroom in the heart of one of Livorno’s oldest districts, San Jacopo, not far from the church of the same name and the Pancaldi bathing lido.

The cost for this service is still 7 and we will need to see the following: (i) 2 photographs of the complete scooter (ii) Documentary evidence of the registration mark (i.e.

pre 1983 MOT, pre-1983 tax disk, RF 60 log book or original register entry from the original issuing council) (iii) V765 form Send the above to us (do not send original documentary evidence to us as we will not be liable for any loss in transit) and we will issue you with a letter requesting the retention of the original mark along with us stamping and signing the relevant parts of the V765 form.

Classic Vespas and Memorabilia in Livorno's San Jacopo Most afternoons you can find Marco in his Livorno workshop, after a day’s work elsewhere in a totally unrelated field.

Entering the is like peering into another era, a dotingly kept Aladdin’s cave where there is usually a Vespa laid bare that Marco is tinkering on, as well as his gleaming display of vintage models surrounded by a collection of posters and memorabilia from the 50s and 60s.

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