Vba allow screenupdating

I have a form that i am using that I would like to update at certain points in the code.I have the screenupdating set to false but it seems that this is keeping the userform from refreshing as well.

If there is no data for VBA to find, an error will occur. These three dynamic named ranges will be the values that populate our three combo boxes so we will add them at the beginning of this project. We will need to have quick access to the Toolbox and the Properties dialog box.From the ribbon on your Excel spreadsheet choose Formulas/Name Manager/New then add the name below and the formula to create three dynamic named ranges. When you click inside the userform you should see a dotted border around it.When this occurs the properties dialog box will display the userform properties.As well is the nine text labels we have three labels that will indicate the fields that will be mandatory.These labels simply have an asterisk inside of them that is formatted to a larger font size and colored red.

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