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ALWAYS return car to stock before having anyone work on your car, ESPECIALLY the dealer.....the 5 star idiots. I could swear that in one of these threads that the new update helped out there idle.

You can clear codes at this point to eliminate the check engine light and/ or tune the vehicle and that will also get rid of any lingering codes from the ECM swap.Now, on 1.11 it idles very smoothly and hasn't stalled at all. Is that all I need to download into my superchips or should I go back and download the other 2?? This thread started because of something I brought up from this thread. I don't believe you have to return to stock first, but the careful person would. If you update it and, for one reason or another, it gets locked or spits an error code or blows up you can no longer go back to stock. I thought I read somewhere that your stock program is saved on the unit and the Superchips site.Thanks for your help so far Bipto Okay, there were three choices when udating the falshpaq and I chose the third one. Just trying to help out those who are looking for something using the subject line. You are updating the SC computer using Widows, Internet Explorer, the Internet, your power, any oddities* on your computer etc. *Oddities: Versions of Internet Explorer, Active X, patches, viruses, adware, spyware, etc. The idea behind this is if something were to happen to your programmer,e.g. Superchips could reprogram a replacement tuner with your stock settings.That difference is that my car no longer stalls at idle.On 1.07, I think my car stalled at least 10 times in 3 weeks.

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