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I put the locomotive on the track and my CS2 immediatly recognized the new locomotive.

The small mfx logos on the screen tells you that a new locomotive is available.

When everything is in place, attach the four screws and solder the wires back onto the motherboard. It already has a diesel sound (although not the right one) and the decoder is preconfigured for the motor in this particular range of locomotives.

The m SD comes with a loudspeaker that will fit into the locomotive's loudspeaker compartment. Although that can be fun, I want that very distinctive sound of a Russian diesel engine. ;-) The m SD supports both the DCC and mfx formats.

Since this is no way near the sound of the class 234, of course, we need to replace the ER20-sound with the sound of a class 234.

The installation is easy, simply pull the white wires through a hole in the locomotive frame (the hole is already there, you do not need to make it yourself) and solder the wires to the loudspeaker. For the fun of it I thought I would try the mfx format for this locomotive.

I have a few other locomotives that uses mfx and the format have impressed me.

You can also use the Märklin Sound-Programmer (Märklin #60801) and update the decoder using your PC.

If you do not have a CS2 or Sound-Programmer, your dealer can help you update the sound.

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