Updating iweb 1 1 2 templates to 2 0

Apple's release notes state that version 2.0.1 "addresses issues with upgrading and publishing i Web 1.x websites," but users continue to experience significant difficulty, losing content from previously published sites and other abnormalities.Missing site elements We previously reported that the most dire issue users are experiencing after updating to i Web '08 (2.0.1) is the sudden disappearance of various site elements, particularly photo galleries.When I opened a site I had worked on all of yesterday in 2.0.0, there were many missing picture elements that were present yesterday.Also, the update reportedly does nothing to fix the missing navigation bar in Internet Explorer browsers." -- before attempting to update to or use i Web 2.0 or 2.0.1.Many users have reported that entire swaths of their sites are completely missing after launching the update and attempting to work with their pre-existing site(s) file.Unfortunately, these issues are not resolved for a number of readers under i Web 2.0.1.As you'd expect, the files for your websites are all stored on your Mac's hard disk (see box, below left), but at some point you also need to put all those files up on the internet so that other people can admire your handywork.You can use a Mobile Me account, FTP upload or publish the files to a folder on your computer.2.

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The ins and outs That little arrow serves another purpose, though, as clicking on it causes the pages within that particular website to 'collapse' so they're hidden out of sight.

I get the message that "Publishing will now continue in the background" - so the server connection obviously is working - however the progress bar hangs indefinitely.

Fortunately my i Web 07 site is still functioning on the . Publishing succeeds only if the server configuration.can be reached.

So as a special treat for all my loyal readers have a free i Web theme on me.

This ‘Circles’ theme was built for i Web 09, however as the theme architecture didn’t change between i Web 08 and i Web 09 it will also work in i Web 08.

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