Updating intelisense

You can set the maximum script size to Unlimited by going to Tools ➜ Options ➜ Text Editor ➜ Transact-SQL ➜ Intelli Sense. You can either type SPACE to have the selected member in the list added to your code or you need to use TAB.This behavior can be toggled with the menu item Edit ➜ Intelli Sense ➜ Toggle Completion Mode or by pressing CTRL ALT SPACE.Sometimes it appears as if Intelli Sense stops working further down the page.This can be either because you have a syntax error a little higher up or because you exceeded the maximum script size.

Intelli Sense now has the ability to match beginning and closing pairs of control flow elements such as BEGIN and END.Intelli Sense is enabled by default but can be disabled by going to Tools ➜ Options ➜ Text Editor ➜ Transact SQL ➜ Intelli Sense.Certain functions such as List Members, Parameter Info, and Quick Info List are only available when you are connected to a SQL Server instance or when you are working within a database project.In this article I would like to do a quick overview of Intelli Sense, how to use it and also shed some light on those moments when Intelli Sense just doesn’t seem to be working.Intelli Sense for SQL Server Management Studio which was first introduced in SQL 2008 is an intelligent code completion mechanism which increases development productivity by making code snippets, definitions and syntax checking available to you without having to leave the editor.

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