Updating excel graph

Now we will set up a combo box using these two ranges (in this example we are going to be changing the existing combo box used for our ‘Output Sheet’).

If you can’t remember how to do this please check the earlier tutorial as it covers this.

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We’ll be using the same workbook as the first tutorial so if you want to follow along please do download it here.This will create an output that looks like this: “Organisation: Measure”.We use ampersands (&) to allow us to mix strings (sections of formulae surrounded by quotation marks “”) and cell references. Click into the chart title, navigate to the formula bar and type Or click into the relevant cell that contains the new chart title after typing ‘=’.We will need to create a chart title in another cell that will be referenced by the chart title.In a cell nearby our data table (H27 in my case), add a formula such as this: Where C27 is the chosen organisation name and C28 is the chosen measure name.

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