Updating and reverification of i9

Your employer can reverify work authorization documents for the entire workforce so long as all workers are treated the same. But, absent the “intent” to discriminate, an employer may reverify the work authorization documents of all workers equally if it chooses to do so.

It is against the law for the employer to reverify work authorization documents of only certain or specific workers if the employer has the intent to discriminate against those workers because of their immigration status (such as not being a U. If you have a Social Security card that says that you have to show a separate immigration document to prove that you can work (your card says “valid for work only with DHS authorization”), you may now be eligible for an unrestricted card (a card with just your name and Social Security number). The application is free, but you should apply in person at the SSA office, because you will need to show your original immigration documents, and you should never mail original documents.

If you have shown documents that prove that you are a lawful permanent resident (you have a green card) then an employer should not ask for documents again.

For example, just because your green card has an expiration date, it only means that your card needs to be renewed not that your work authorization has expired. Similarly, if you have been granted asylum, you are authorized to work indefinitely so it is a good idea to present documents that satisfy the I-9 Form but that don’t have an expiration date.

You are eligible for a new, unrestricted Social Security card if you have been granted permanent immigration status like asylum or lawful permanent residence (green card). If you believe your employer committed document abuse, or reverified your work documents when he or she shouldn’t have, call an immigrant rights group, worker center, or contact your union representative if you are part of a union. OSC helps immigrant workers whose employers have discriminated against them when they show that they are allowed to work in the U. OSC is NOT a part of immigration, and can often assist workers by contacting their employers to correct improper behavior.

That is, the employer cannot require you to present another work permit with the new expiration date as long as you have other documents that establish your continued work authorization.If you have been waiting for your new work permit for more than 90 days (you filed for an extension more than 90 days ago), you may be eligible to receive work authorization for 240 days because of the delay of the federal government is issuing your renewed work permit.In limited instances, a receipt may serve as a document pending issuance of new work authorization. If you have problems (such as your employer won’t let you continue working), call the above OSC hotline number.Some employers are also registered for the Social Security Number Verification Service (SSNVS), which is administered by the SSA but does not verify a person’s work authorization.The SSNVS can only verify that the Social Security number provided by the worker matches SSA’s records.

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