Updating access database with dating advise article

Even if this has doubled let us say it is now 1 GB. I think there is an option for this both ways: Upgrade option in Access DTS into SQL SERVER.

Bringing 5 tables should not be a big problem at all. Which version of SQL SERVER you are planning to upgrade to : SQL 2000 or SQL 2005 ? This is way improved over DTS, you can schedule it: updating the SSIS is much easier than a DTS.

I would suggest start with the BOL: there are good working examples.

But it doesnt seem to work anymore when I reimplement it. If I delete "Components," I will lose all that information.What I need to be able to do is update "Components" on Share Point so that I can select the new items from the lookup column in the Pictures Library. Choose "Microsoft Share Point Foundation ()" in the list of document types.Update the DB locally and the move the DB back to its network location.Here are a few explicit steps: Step 1 – Move DB to Local HDD: Move the CC DB to the local HDD (refer to the Locating Database and Move Database help topics).

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