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Particularly when integrated with information from AFTA and other thermal indicators (e.g. (Uranium thorium)/helium dating of apatite: experience with samples from different geochemical environments.

vitrinite reflectance), this technique allows more precise thermal history constraints to be established at relatively low temperatures (50 to 80C). Chemical Geology (Isotope Geoscience Section), 112, 179-191.

D2L, and integrated technologies, are for educational purposes and may not be used commercially or disseminated to third parties.

Violators may be sanctioned under the Student Code of Conduct .

After the heating and purification procedures, the extracted gas is handled and measured via the fully automated computer controlled system.

These ages are progressively reset by heating, due to the diffusive loss of the radiogenic helium (analogous to the “annealing” of fission tracks), with total loss occurring at temperatures around 80 to 90C (for timescales involving millions of years). This correction is mathematically calculated using the estimated dimensions of each grain and is applied directly to the final age (discussed in more detail below). Aliquots of ~5-30 grains are sealed into stainless steel capsules and then up to 6 capsules are loaded into the furnace sample holders. Ken Farley of Caltech, based on the systematics presented in Farley (2000) and references therein, allows modelling of the (U-Th)/He age expected from any inputted thermal history, in grains of any specified radius. We're hiring & our goal is to be the best on-campus employer. To apply for student employment @ your Student Center visit: uh.edu/studentcenters…

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