Trauma after dating girl with bpd Free arab adult chatting

Part of the confusion may be your belief that your partner with BPD was experiencing the relationship the same way you were—this is likely not the case at all.

The eruption of these feelings ran deep into the core of your partner's being and were inescapable—ultimately you saw this when they broke through the calm (read: detached) surface and spewed molten lava havoc throughout your own relational landscape.

Such a person can tap a wellspring of powerful feelings you never knew you had until they surged alive as a result of the alchemy created between you two.

You must move past the way his or her admiring eyes hung onto your every move in ways that enlivened you and made you feel rejuvenated.

Partners who have BPD know how to get into your head in a way that can make you feel invigorated and renewed.

The way this person can hang on to your every word and make you feel special, validated and understood causes you to let down your guard and emotionally connect in powerful ways.

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