Tips for dating a marine

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He graduated this year and im still in high school(junior). My boyfriend has been in the marines for over a year now. When my boyfriend came home he was extremely distant from everyone. I was still in high school when my bf went off to the marines... Once the three wk period is up they can write, and i even got a phone call or two after that! If you shed tears at least put a smile to it for him.. for a few months i been trying my heards to find him a job and put him trough school and he wants to go. He's gonna come home looking hotter than a raging fire. I went through 4 years of the Marine Corp with him being overseas. Deciding that they want to join the Marines, is like them signing thier life away, its not easy on them, even though they make it look like it is.https://morelacethanace.Remember to make sure that lots of letters of support get to your loved one during boot camp and basic training and check out Project Write2Them to make it easier!Semper Fedelis, Helen Semper Fedelis is the Marine Corps motto and means always faithful or always loyal. I expect that they will be changed but hopefully for the better. I know thats probable not much help but if it makes you feel anybetter im just as worried as you are. Going away from home is hard enough he doesn't need to hear you crying.. my boyfriend for almost two years is going to try to become a marine. He went in at 17 looking like a little boy, and came out looking like a man. Everything depends on your relationship and how much you love each other. Me and my boyfriend are both in college full time, and both work full time.. You need to be a strong women for yourself and for him, and if you have kids, them as well. Its some marine rule that they cant have contact for 3 weeks. Just keep an eye on him, cause they girls are going to be all over him! I think its great im with someone who would want to do that for there country, but at the same time it is scary.

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