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The Church of Saint Demetrius, or Hagios Demetrios is the main sanctuary dedicated to Saint Demetrius, the patron saint of Thessaloniki.Dating from a time when it was the second largest city of the Byzantine Empire, it was repeatedly reconstructed after it was destroyed by fires.It seems as though a misinterpretation of the mosque's name led to its modern name.It is not clear whether the church served as the katholikon of the Nea Moni order or the Akapniou Monastery; there is conflicting evidence yet to be resolved by scholars.Founded in the year 315 BC, Thessaloniki was a key city in ancient Byzantine and early Christian times.

The Hagia Sophia in Thessaloniki, Greece, is one of the oldest churches in that city still standing today.Making pages like this really bore the hell out of me.But with a city like Thessaloniki, which has seen so much history and so many cultures I can't really leave out a page on what to see in the daytime, even if for most people the day is something you have to get through so you can go out at night. No, I didn't walk around to all these places gathering information. i am more or less a casual dressed a drink by the beach, coffee, movies, and lots of hugs at home... I am a well educated Canadian \ Lebanese Architect living lately in I'm easy going person just looking for a Lady that we can be together and understand each other.

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