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She longs to be a professional pianist and has just moved out of the house of her piano teacher, Evguenie (Grégoire Oestermann).

On her first night, she hears strange noises and a picture on her wall begins to move.

The two live side-by-side, irritating one another with increasingly inventive noisy behaviour.

Eventually, their mutual wind-up ends when the woman amplifies a metronome, and the man cannot bear it any more.

To her surprise, Machin knocks through the wall to her apartment, and they finally see each other for the first time.

Digital technology and smartphones in particular have transformed many aspects of our society, including how people seek out and establish romantic relationships.

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It is revealed that Machin was listening from behind the wall, but he has been discovered by an employee, causing the commotion.However, Machin, angered by the way that Evguenie bullies and belittles Machine, ejects Evguenie from the house.Machine is furious and decides that their relationship cannot continue. Machin leaves the apartment and talks to Artus about his feelings for her.Not wanting to be disturbed, he moves the picture to scare new tenants away from the flat, thus leaving him in peace.The woman refuses to be driven away by his behaviour.

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