Submissive woman dating

Limits: -Blood -Branding -Illegal stuff -Fisting -Other women -Needles -Being called, “Pig, fat, ugly, worthless” Feel free to message me :) ~Melody Seeking a strict Dom though caring and kind. I enjoy teasing and pushing back to get what I want... if you can make me feel little when you’re talking to me i love it.

I want to be punished and pushed to my breaking point.

I can be very very bratty especially when im having a rough day/tired. I.e punishments for not sticking to my workout/health routine/daily chores/bed times/ ect. But right now, I’m seeking a dom to put me in my place mentally. Hi you can call me Phoenix..i am reborn in so many was 1st way. Basically: 30-something newbie seeks intelligent dominant who can nuance and personalize his training, preferably older than me.

Id like to eventually meet my daddy and possibly have something real out of it. I like things my way and i like getting what i want. Dont get me wrong i love being naughty but i get much more satisfaction when they use their power to control me in other ways. I'm totally new to this and not great at crisp, punchy descriptions of myself and what I want.

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When you are looking for the right partner, there are a number of things that you may want.

I’m looking for a Daddy Dom or just a regular Dom that is patient, has a sense of humor, is confident, and experienced.i require that my DOM/DADDY be able to support me , help me grow, open me up to new expirences in the world and in the lifestyle and PATIENCE is key As you can tell by the title I’m new and seeking a male to dominate and love me. And maybe you’re wondering ‘why don’t I try to find someone out in the world’ but trust me I’ve tried but no one felt right to me. yea thanks I’m a highly successful CEO seeking a dom to relax. I’m fit and want to be touched by someone who honors his body by working out. Someone who can be stern one moment but also be a pro at aftercare. Someone to train me and mold me into something that is meant for their pleasure. I am ready to be loved,to find love, and most importantly to really and truly know what it means to do both I want to truly know my partner to one day for us to become one mind between 2 bodies to truly know eachother . If you're interested, please please do take 5 minutes and read my profile!Each woman is interviewed face-to- face to ensure she meets our standards. We have stripped away all the inconvenience and selected only the finest women for you – and every single one of them is ready to please you, satisfy you and pamper you in every way.We provide our discerning clients with a drama-free way to meet the love of their life – so we’d like to invite you to browse some of our women, and meet and date as many as you like until you think you’ve found the one.

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