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But this is definitely not the case, says keen Macra member, Lorraine Maguire.

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It may seem that 9 out of 10 guys have a beard or moustache at the moment but if you really want to be sure you’ll meet a hairy-faced guy then check out (“dating and niche social networking for singles with a passion for the mustache”) or (“connecting those with beards to those who want to stroke beards”).RICH PICKINGS Now here’s a problem: what if you’re loaded and single but you’re wary of gold diggers and want to meet someone who understands how hard it is to find time to manage all that wealth?Well, berkeley-international.ie, which Hugh is also involved in, might be the solution to that particular conundrum.But doesn’t it kind of objectify people with red hair?Not at all, laughs Jonathan, who has Irish (Dublin) roots himself: “It’s more like shining a spotlight on where you want to look.” He explains: “We have personal rules on how far we would travel for a job for example.

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