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Stop thinking there are men out there who actually WON'T try to kiss you by the third date. Use the 1-in-10 ratio when forming expectations about the men you meet on the internet. Because of the sheer density of lowlife, degenerate men who play on the internet, you must expect that only 1 out of every 10 men you 'meet' this way will end up being even worth considering as a potential mate. get 150 responses to your 'innocent' craigslist posting, know that only 15 of them are probably worth even opening. I tell you now, if you put these simple steps to good use TODAY, you can start relishing in your dating success TOMORROW.

You may think others don't see this, but trust me, they do.

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You might end up having a great conversation with someone you might not have if you were too focused on looks. Just because you’re talking to more people doesn’t mean you have to go on a date with all of them. Instead of trading lists of favorites TV shows, bands, and pizza toppings, try to actually have a conversation.Example: when a man types, "I really like existentialism.It's implications really enthuse my mental capacities," click delete.4. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but by at LEAST the third date you will be subjected to the potentially uncomfortable experience of having to make a decision as to whether or not to kiss the man standing before you, perhaps slightly buzzed from beer and hopeful. The cocktail of male hormones that course through a man's veins while he is in the company of an attractive woman is a very dangerous thing.5.Ladies, this should go without saying, but it seems I have to lay some ground rules in order to make sure my advice doesn't fall on deaf ears.If a guy sends you an e-mail just wanting 'coffee sometime', yet has also went to the effort of attaching a snapshot of his man bits, The kind of 'coffee' he's referring to probably isn't a variety you'd like. Learn to identify the patterns of the man who just wants sex. When you receive correspondence from a potential date, and if you're interested in finding out if this guy just wants to get his rocks off or not, simply count the number of times the following words are used in his e-mails to you:sexsexysex kittensex dollsex toyssex starvedsex changesex crazedsexytime (imagine this being said in a Borat accent)sexifysexcapade (immediate red flag)sexualetc.

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