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Posing as one of his temps, she enters into a game of online cat-and-mouse.David Parker Ray, also known as the Toy-Box Killer, was a serial rapist and torturer and suspected serial killer.

The man had offered her in exchange for oral sex and they went to his RV.

Cecil was an abusive drunk who lashed out at his wife and children.

He eventually left Nettie and the children when David was 10 years old.

She was also warned that she was one of many slaves that had been held captive and many of those who did not cooperate, died.

By the third day of her captivity, Cynthia had been exposed to electric shocks, endured being cattle prodded, whipped, and had medical instruments and large dildos inserted into her vagina and rectum. Cynthia was certain that soon she was going to be killed.

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