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I want to show the video to my daughter and explain what sex is to her in a very casual way, just as the video does." Zhao Yinlong of The Nutcracker Studio, which produced the video, says he has received thousands of responses to the video on his Weibo account."I've already received more than 10 thousand responses on my personal Weibo account.Many say the video has inspired them on how to properly educate their children about sex.Sex education has always been a bit of a headache for parents and school teachers here in China.But at the same time, it's also very important for any growing child to learn."We need the joint effort of schools, families and society in general.Chinese parents still consider sex as a mysterious topic to some degree, and they think their children are too little to know about it.

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The videos are generally being well-received by netizens. As a child, many of us have spontaneously asked one or both of our parents the question: "so Mom, where do I come from?

The way they educate their children is usually arbitrary.

When it comes to society in general, children need both moral and legal protections in the area.

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