Sedating older equines

Such tests will show any changes in the function of organs, such as the liver or the kidneys. They will show the size of the heart and if there are any masses or concerning changes in the lungs.

In order to know how well the heart is functioning, an EKG can be performed.

More dogs get in trouble after they wake up, then when they are under anesthesia.

Monitoring, and encouraging dogs to wake up smoothly will still involve the surgery and anesthesia team.

Fortunately, a good surgery and anesthesia team can anticipate and correct complications. Proper monitoring is an essential part of anesthesia.

"If there are realistic alternatives, sure, one should consider them for any patient,” says Khursheed Mama, DVM, Dipl.

ACVA, associate professor of anesthesiology at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colo.

Make sure that your dog will continue to be supervised after waking up from anesthesia.

Overall, dogs do great under anesthesia, regardless of their age or health status.

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