Secular dating versus christian dating

Although this article is about using the Bible as a guide to dating and looking for a marriage partner (as opposed to popular secular ideas about dating), it brings out some interesting differences between Evangelical Christian reasons for marriage and secular reasons for marriage.The author, Scott Croft, is an elder at an evangelical parish and he argues that although many people may resist the idea, the Bible offers advice for every area of our lives, including dating and marriage.And more serious than the personal arbitrary value systems is the fact that it leaves us only with arbitrary law. Law becomes only the decision of a small group of people, and what they decide at a given moment is for the good of society.And that is all because the final reality gives no clue as to what law should be, and it is left up to a group of people, the Supreme Court, or whoever they are, to make their own decision as to what is good for society at the moment.This is all a natural result of the accendance of this other view concerning final reality and the lowering, therefore, of any view of human life.

Humanitarianism means being kind to people, and as Christians we should be humanitarian even more than anyone else.It is government that has done it by its laws and court rulings… And then, we must say with sobriety that the United States does not have an autonomous "manifest destiny." Consequently.if we continue to insist in walking down this road, at some point, as God is God and not all things are the same to God, we who have trampled so completely on all those amazing things that God has given us in this country, can we expect that God does not care?Some of the main guidelines he offers for “Biblical” dating are: it begins with a male approaching a female with the permission of her father/family, it is conducted under the supervision of the her family/church, and marriage is always the direct goal.He points out, in contrast, that secular dating today values: either the man or woman initiating the relationship, the relationship is conducted privately without family/church authority, and that recreation or education can be the goal rather than marriage.

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