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The first segment is a spoken word piece by Just Blaze and Erykah Badu describing Electronica over piano music.The nature of the piece of music, along with the nature of its appearance, led to a slow build-up of interest in Electronica as an enigmatic figure.It is being described as a multi-media release and footage from the project which was partially shot in Nepal and Dubai has begun to surface online.The first clip to leak is titled "Dear Moleskine" and can be found on You Tube, the track was produced by Just Blaze and the clip was directed by Jason Goldwatch from Decon.Kate is not under any obligation to share the finer details of her private life with anyone, especially her family,’ a family friend told the Daily Mail.

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It is fifteen continuous minutes of music, without drums, built from Jon Brion's soundtrack to the film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

"Not in general, but as a rapper because all of the negative things that people in the States put on the South." Electronica’s career really took off in Detroit when he linked up with Detroit native Johnnie Last. It is here that he recorded his Style Wars-era music with several J.

In Detroit, Electronica met producer/engineer Mike "Chav" Chavarria, now a regular collaborator, who introduced him to both J. Dilla beats, meeting the producer subsequently to ask for permission to use the recordings as a demo.

In June 2009, Decon and Jay's "The Dogon Society" released "Exhibit A (Transformations)" digitally.

"Exhibit C" was released on i Tunes December 16, 2009 and quickly shot to the top 10 of the i Tunes Hip-Hop charts.

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