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Lacey performed on British television throughout the 1960s and 1970s, with roles spanning from a part in Kenneth Clark's Civilisation television series, as the gravedigger, in a re-enactment of the gravedigger scene from Hamlet, with Ian Richardson as Hamlet and Patrick Stewart as Horatio, to a guest shot as the "Strange Young Man" in The Avengers episode "The Joker", and as Harris in the sitcom Porridge, with the latter finally landing him in the role for which his unusual physical characteristics could be repeatedly used to full advantage.

Disappointed with his acting career by the late 1970s, he began to consider starting a talent agency.

After a brief stint of national service in the British Armed Forces, he enrolled at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art to train as an actor.

He began his acting career in 1961 in a television play, The Secret Agent.

“Ronal the Barbarian” is a Danish animation which parodies the sword & sorcery genre, the third animated work of directors Thorbjørn Christoffersen, Kresten Vestbjerg Andersen and Philip Einstein Lipski.

Ronal The Barbarian is hilarious and probably the only animated comedy depicting primary sexual characteristics on the big screen in glorious 3D.

Gina Valentina and Eliza Ibarra both have a crush on a famous west-coast surfer so they decided to shoot him a naughty photo of the two of them together and see…READ MORE Click to watch this Autumn Falls video!He married twice, firstly to the actress Mela White in 1962 (she married him under the name Brompton as this was her second marriage), he became the father with her of two children, the actors Rebecca Lacey and Jonathan Lacey.After a turbulent divorce, he married Joanna Baker in 1972, the marriage producing a son.His other drag role was in Invitation to the Wedding from 1985, in which he played a husband/wife couple.Lacey was diagnosed with terminal liver cancer on April 25 1991.

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