Ps1 dating sim

Bust-A-Groove is its original Japanese incarnation was the first real music game I ever played, as I was late to the game with Parappa. Probably not, but I can't discount the strong pull of nostalgia in this case.

I won't date myself with a specific place and time, but I remember playing Bust-A-Groove into the wee hours with my friends all sitting around a couch.

With that in mind, Team USG has pooled its collective wisdom and come up with 20 PSOne games that we'd love to see incorporated into the PS Now library. Surely this is a no-brainer for PS Now - because if it isn't, Sony's the no-brainer.Sony's announcement of its upcoming Play Station Now service certainly got us excited.Not so much about being able to stream Play Station 3 games, which is useful, but not exactly thrilling to the many of us who still have our PS3's tucked under our TV sets.Doing the motions right would have your chosen avatar performing some sweet dance moves.You could even attack your opponent to throw them off their game!

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