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Firefox announces a new update is available and then goes ahead and installs it.

option, which specifies the time between auto-updates in seconds.

If you set it to some arbitrarily large number, like 432000000, you could make Firefox wait for years, effectively disabling updates.

Turns out my Kaspersky Total Security software was set to check and update apps automatically. So, if somebody like me, wants to revert back to v.56 without uninstalling and reinstalling a fresh copy, and then prevent automatic updates to v.57, please continue reading.

After looking around to find the best solution to revert back, it seems that the old version can be safely installed on top of the new without losing any settings or add-ons (based on this post).

Turns out that a lot of add-ons don't work anymore with 57.0, e.g.

the session manager and the tab group add-on which I use extensively.

* Repeat the same steps, but click the top one called "Menu bar". * To rearrange the layout, repeat the same steps again and choose "Customize".

the following is from Testing INTEGER - app.Default: 1 defines the policy by which background downloads are done, and the amount of user prompting that is required: 0 - download all update types (major/minor) without user intervention, regardless of incompatible extensions installed (they should just be disabled after the update restart) 1 - download all update types (major/minor) only if there are no incompatibilities with enabled extensions, prompt with UI otherwise.

2 - download minor updates only, prompt for major updates, regardless of whether or not all enabled extensions are compatible.

That's not recommended though, since you won't get security updates.

You can use the latest long-term support release instead: https:// What helped in my case, beside of disabling update in configuration, was just renaming the executable in Firefox installation directory.

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