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Cash Text is a company that pays you to receive text and make a lot of extra money in the process, especially if you love to receive text messages to your phone.BEWARE - there are a lot of scams in this area so be careful who you sign up with. If you read their home page they stress that you can get paid to text even while on vacation.That is true because there is potential you can make recurring commissions every month. Say you put up links and banners on your site or Blog and get a man interested by referring him to your services.They will have to pay the company you sign up with every month. You can make 0 on an automatic recurring basis by referring only 10 men. Many women write articles and distribute them online while putting their links on them. There are a limited number of openings for you with this program.Many others Blog, create websites, post in forums, chat online and use popular sites like Craigslist and online classified ads to promote their profile link. If it does well it will certainly expand to create even more opportunities.

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