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What happened to old chat room and why introduce a new chat software?

Both of the old chat room sofwares where 3rd party and making changes to them were both hard and time consuming, so we now have created a custom chat software of our own to overcome those problems.

You can use the ID to search for any additional information when needed.

You can use the mapped fields to create custom chat routing rules.

You will be able to join the room by clicking on the "Join" button.

Some chat rooms may only be available to registered members.

Why do I see the same name in chat room multiple times?

Our chat software is still in beta phase and this is a bug, of which we are aware of and will be fixed in the next coming updates. It is very likely that we will add voice chat feature in the near future, but regarding "video chat" we are yet to come to a decision .

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You can then map the membership level information with a Comm100 Live Chat field, and then create a rule to send your customers to the right team.

This streamlines the chat process, and thus improves customer experience.

Give your customers and visitors the choice to log into their accounts or chat as a visitor when initiating a chat.

If you want a specific emoji added feel free to DM Marc! We also fixed kicking & banning users, as well as channel password protection.

When added as a channel moderator or banned from a channel, you will now receive a notification. Next to be released is emojis & being able to change the color of your text.

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