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The scammer will usually say it’s a long-lost relative or the victim, or the deceased millionaire had no relatives so they sought for someone who shared the same last name. “He sounded very happy and said God bless you.”The man told him he had to pay ,500 to transfer the money into his name.The unidentified lawyer said his client had no family but wanted to leave the money to a Rempel. He then had to stump for several more documents, some of which cost ,000.Hakim Ukeh – also suspected of participating in the fraud) persuaded Sakaguchi to visit New York, ostensibly for a meeting with the shareholders, where he was arrested on an international warrant issued by the Swiss government and extradited to Switzerland to answer money laundering charges. 6 In December 2002, Naresh Asnani was arrested in Miami, while en route to a meeting with lawyers acting for the shareholders, on an international warrant issued by the Swiss Government.He was extradited to Switzerland to answer similar charges of money-laundering.He said: “I had ,000 in cash in my pocket and my uncle sent another ,000 when I was over there.”Once in London, Rempel met “some people” and handed over the k.The next day, the 419ers showed their target a suitcase they said contained .6m in shrink-wrapped US bills.Rempel demanded further proof, at which point one scammer extracted a bill and “cleansed” it with a liquid “formula” which “washed off some kind of stamp”.

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He said some of the money had been transferred into the account for “safe keeping”.The Nigerians, in a 419 plan, came up with a fake contract to build an airport in Abuja.They promised Nelson Tetsuo Sakaguchi a big commission in exchange for funding the contract.The scammers then upped the ante, sending an email from a “government department” claiming he owed 0,000 tax on his inheritance.Rempel’s contact assured him he’d “negotiated the fee down to ,000”.

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