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His wife was a respected member of the Nigerian community in Maryland, United States and was the hardworking and successful manager of nurses in a reputable Washington DC hospital.

But what he didn’t understand was that the video he was being shown had already gone viral and practically every member of the Nigerian community spread all over the continental United States had viewed it several times and were all shocked and filled with righteous indignation over such an embarrassing conduct by an otherwise happily married woman.

The video, recorded by a sick and depraved lover of the Nigerian-American nurse, had shown the woman, her face clearly in view and well defined, in various stages of intimacy and to imagine a husband looking at the video of his wife in intimate moments with another man and having the same video seen by millions of people was too much for him to handle.

He was seized by a paroxysm of anger and dread and went into shock.

Everywhere the aroma of matrimony emits putrid odor, the emotionally nourishing enterprise of matrimony has been turned into an enterprise laden by zero-sum machinations- wives openly plot their husbands failures while the husbands treat their wives with disdain and contempt.

About Americans: Americans, Canadians, and South Americans are the most liberal people on Earth.

The kids have been denied love and nourishment since all they see around them is fight and incessant verbal and physical abuse.

How did we get to this junction where the divorces rates, physical and emotional abuse have become the defining features of the matrimony among Diapsorans?

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