Netapp updating drive firmware

”It’s all about approaching correctness from a holistic point of view. Just like with Fight Club, there are some basic rules storage systems need to follow when it comes to certain things. Certain kinds of solutions make it inherently harder to manage critical tasks like component firmware updates.

You see, being able to hot-update different kinds of firmware in any given set of hardware means that Any solution is a compromise.

Who has the firmware for HUC109060CSS600 (Cobra E), HUC106060CSS600, HUC106030CSS600 (Cobra D), lay out, please. It seems to me, I have made much progress in solving these case.

I need different versions of the firmware for experiments.

It’s important to maintain a balance between increased risk and business benefit.

I will explain why solutions that don’t offer some sort of automated, live SSD firmware update mechanism are potentially The increased popularity and lower costs of fast SSD media are good things for storage users, but there is some inherent complexity within each SSD that many people are unaware of.

The problem I now have is I am not able to get them to initialize, or create an array with them.

I have done most of the work on them with a LSI 9211-8i HBA.

I'm in possession of several OEM HGST 10k 2.5" SAS drives. Also, I have many copies of various OEM firmware available for most drives if anyone needs that kind of thing. I've been working with HGST support in the background. Yes, so they are HGST drives, but they were sold to either IBM or Net App, who put a different version of firmware on them.

I was hoping someone might have a copy of the A2D0 firmware release for this model. They have agreed to help, but need to talk to their engineering group to see if there is an available copy of the raw firmware that I need. These are Cobra-E drives, we can do a lot of terrible things with them. I'm not sure if they do anything to the NVRAM, but they are running the NA00 version of firmware currently.

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