Naruto dating sim sex

Sakura has decided to be passive and reserved no longer! Romance Rock Lee, Naruto, or Sasuke, and finally make your anime ships into reality! Sakura has decided to be passive and reserved no longer!

Chakra will increase your daily energy and also help you in battle. The game ends when you finally have sex with any of the guys. There is only one sex scene per bachelor, adding up to three sex scenes in total.

Finally got Naruto's ending, which I remember I couldn't ever get but somehow I could get Sasuke and Lee...

Funny, since when I was replaying it, Naruto was the only easy one and now Sasuke and Lee were hard asf. Like the user Kjuske said, 2019 is when I got my vindication...

Find a guy and initiate conversations with him to improve your relationship.

You’ll find these gifts by talking to Jiraiya, Might Gai, or Kakashi sensei.

With Naruto sex games, play and fuck Sakura Haruno’s ass with Kyubi!

Rape Hinata Hyuga on the floor to punish her and treat her like a whore.

The focus is not on the sex itself, but the emotional journey. As the pleasure meter goes up make sure the irritation meter s...[more] Looks like Naruto is feeling very stressed out and needs to release some of his pent up man juice! The content is fine enough and never gets too gross to look at. Play as the pink-haired kunoichi as she tries desperately to seduce one of the other genin from her village! Sakura has four stats, which can be customized at the start of the game. The visuals were clearly made by an amateur artist.

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