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And with some guys I play, it can hit closer to home than others.I made it through the minefield that is being single in your 20s somehow.I think our show can go all the crazier because of how small and intimate and real it is, and vice versa as well.

To answer the second question, if we shot the entire show word-perfect, it would be every bit as funny as it is now, I think. He slaves over his choice of words and his choice of punctuation.As [crazy] as that sounds, it’s just like you don’t often get to read stuff, as an actor, that feels like it’s something you would have thought of and this felt like that to me. Why was the decision made to have the characters all have straight reactions to the heightened reality going on around them, as if it was all normal, and do you think that benefits the show?Yes, I think that the more sort of grounded and real or naturalistic, whatever word you want to use to describe it, the more that we keep our reactions in that realm, the crazier stuff we can do.That being said, he knows that this is a collaborative medium, so he always wants us to find our own way into stuff, too.So what you have is, I think, a pretty lovely balance of pretty strong, structured storytelling with some pretty incredible jokes, fused with our riffs, a bunch of which make it into the finished product. My job on set is to help him tell his story and to do my best to breathe life into this character he wrote. Whether or not they’re just humoring me, or actually listening to anything I say, I always chime in on any set I have. It’s the way my mind and my mouth work, so I’m always pitching ideas and pitching jokes for myself and for other people.

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