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The Selmer amps often broke down, so Jim hired a service tech.

That person was Ken Bran, a former Pan Am aircraft engineer and musician.

The 12AX7s became ECC83s, including the input tube for which Fender had used a lower gain 12AY7. Other changes included moving the coupling capacitors to the output stage and adding extra negative feedback.

These were changes made by both Ken and a recently hired young intern, Dudley Craven.

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They created not only a new tonal palette, but an entirely new concert experience.The legacy of Marshall amps doesn’t rest solely upon the 100-watt Super Lead, though.From the early JTM 45 prototypes to the Bluesbreaker combos and later innovations, Marshall stood for a particular sonic response, a brand of British rock quite separate from the jangly tones of Vox amps.Check out our 42 stores that offer Dating coupons and deals.The most recent offer is Labor Day Sale: 30% Off Everything Else Free Custom Envelopes with Your Purchase from Tiny Prints.

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