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Below we explore the origins and meanings of some of our favorite sayings about love.Every night, thousands of parents turn their children’s lights off, start to shut the door and whisper, “I love you to the moon and back.” The phrase of course means that you love someone a lot (477,710 miles to be exact), but where did the expression come from?Instead of your usual morning routine of jumping out of bed, chugging coffee, and heading for the door, take time to make this morning special.

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Its mix of large cities, lush natural foliage and white sand beaches leaves something for everyone.When you rely on texting too much, you could be sabotaging a budding relationship.For Millenials, texting relationships can be a mixed bag.The phrase originated from the best selling picture book, Think back to when you first started dating your partner.Everything they did was adorable, you spent at least an hour getting ready before seeing them, and you got butterflies in your stomach every time they walked through the door.

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    With that out of the way, you’ll be able to start seeing who’s in your area.