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Often, however, the problem is resolved when the noisy neighbors know you are going to call the police.Do be aware that you cannot always request noisy neighbors to be quiet.But even in freestanding homes, a noisy neighbor can make life challenging, particularly if noise continues well into the night, or occurs during early morning hours.This situation is a delicate one to deal with, requiring your ability to keep your calm, especially when discussing the noise with a neighbor.Reason suggests that you should first attempt to address noisy neighbors about the noise. It can begin with a statement like, “I’m not sure you’re aware” so that the noise is attributed merely to the person’s inability to recognize that the noise they make penetrates your walls.Explain briefly the noise issue, and ask the neighbor to turn down the music, create situations for the dog to stop barking, or not hold parties until 3 AM.I live in an apartment and recently my white wannabe gangsta neighbor decided that he needs to listen to 2Pac and 50Cent every day. Common sounds of doors, footsteps, water taps, etc.

However, when a neighbor is simply non-compliant with your request, you can use the follow up letter.

If you live in an apartment or are part of a homeowner’s association (HOA), you should also check for any policies on noise.

It may be that your HOA or apartment complex has specific quiet time rules.

He plays even louder, and I get woken up every day like clockwork.

Nothing seems to work and the mum doesn't seem to care at all.

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