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Some are also staggeringly hyper-selective: When some singles come in to tell Andersen about their type, “their list is so exaggerated: They’re looking for this 6-foot-tall Adonis who also happens to be a billionaire.And I tell them: What you are looking for does not exist. “It’s like an invincible mentality: I’ve achieved all these things in my life and career. ” Her services are pricey: Getting in the door costs ,500; “basic premium” matchmaking memberships start at ,000; and VIP packages, featuring wardrobe consultations, date planning and “romantic concierge” services, can extend into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.(He counseled viewers to follow the depressing results with “several cartons of ice cream” and a Netflix binge.) Women here say they feel outnumbered, overworked and underwhelmed by the tech industry’s egos and eccentricities: A koan of the local dating scene: “The odds are good, but the goods are odd.” Men, in return, say they feel outmatched or overlooked.

“On Tinder, if someone doesn’t swipe on you, you don’t get a notification. You don’t even really know.” The apps’ dominant hold on the dating scene has fueled its own cottage industry of valley types hoping to optimize their chances.

“No one likes the situation, but everyone accepts these are the rules of the game.” Bumble, whose 400,000 users in Silicon Valley have matched up 20 million times since 2014, says users here have a “lower-than-average right-swipe proportion” than other large metro areas.

In other words, they typically like what they see a bit less.

They wonder whether Silicon Valley — a place infamously inhospitable to romance and with the most lopsided gender imbalance in the country — has proved too vexing for even its own dating apps. You’re not getting a delivery in less than seven minutes.” Customers at Local Union 271 sit down for dinner at the restaurant in Palo Alto, Calif.

But they’re also left with a more fundamental doubt: Maybe the human mysteries of chemistry and attraction aren’t problems big data can solve. Random, serendipitous meetings at a bar or party seem increasingly rare, several singles in Silicon Valley complain.

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