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Rambin's (character's) new love interest is quite a step up: he's the savior of humanity, John Connor, "the boy who will one day lead an army of puny humans against sentient bloodthirsty robots." The teen soap star (and little sis of lifestreamer/dating columnist Julia Allison's BFF Mary) has moved to L. "When the wonderful, amazing, breathtaking, creative, eccentric [artist] Mr. Jailbait actresses who refer to themselves as "Levlita," even in jest. What a hilarious idea, kind of like the hunter becoming the hunted! Maybe it's swelled her head: a tipster brought it to our attention that she's become a fan of guest-blogging on LOLA! The show makes up stories and tries to get tabloids to print them.Rambin illustrated the joke with the picture at left of the funny-looking brown woman.The joke is after the jump, along with a brief story about what Rambin said at this one party to this one girl who was all, "Bitch!On “Gone,” the show I’m in now, it was all men and me.It was created by men and starring men, all the producers were men." reports the fickle Rambin, who previously had an affair with Julia Allison's geeky boyfriend, has already moved on.At a party on Saturday night at the Spotted Pig, the "possessed" 17-year-old was spotted making out with hat-wearing music producer, Mark Ronson.

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If you’re strong and you have a point of view, you’re looked as a bitch.

We didn’t make it for tens of millions of dollars, but we were committed to making it. We all friends with cameras, friends who can write. : It’s powerful female actors involving female creative teams and supporting each other in that way, like Ramaa and I will always work together in some capacity. Everyone coming together to speak up is very powerful, I want it to get to a place where it’s not an issue.

The American actress best known for her extensive work over the television, Leven Rambin was born on May 17, 1990.

She's going to keep it online because of some nonsense about how "this blog has to represent an honest evolution of me." Hey, Emily.

If you're going to be an asshole on the internet, you should at least be real with yourself about it. circles as Rambin and apparently aired some healthy "skepticism" about her relationship with older man Morgan.

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