Lance rentzel dating

Details are still a little fuzzy on what exactly happened, but in short, Joey Heatherton and her neighbor have allegedly been at war for some time over noise.

The actress/ model/ Playboy playmate apparently didn’t appreciate the ruckus the woman upstairs made every morning, specifically when she used her blender.

After more than a few bangs on the ceiling didn’t quiet her down, Heatherton allegedly waited for the neighbor inside of their apartment building’s lobby and attacked her with a high heeled shoe.

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Now, she can add another strange entry to that personal life drama file thanks to a vicious attack she allegedly put on her neighbor.

In 1966, Rentzel only played in 9 games due to ankle injuries.

He averaged 20.1 yards on 9 kickoff returns and caught 2 passes for 10 yards.

He was one of four Sooners players who missed the 1965 Gator Bowl game against Florida State University.

Rentzel, offensive lineman Ralph Neely, Jim Grisham, and Wes Skidgel had signed with professional teams before the game and were ruled ineligible for the contest.

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