Juniper backdating

The network operations team has the ability to choose device(s) and see EOL/EOS/EOE milestone dates for individual field-replaceable units (FRUs).The devices and FRUs approaching EOL are flagged and corresponding replacement part numbers are shown.Targeted Proactive Bug Notification This capability allows you to receive a notification on new reported critical and major product bugs that may impact your network.Targeted proactive bug notifications will assess your organization’s network profile and provide you with bug information, along with details on the devices that may be impacted by the bugs.Network intelligence with minimal physical administration and rapid notification of specific network incidents reported in real time; allows incidents to be identified and resolved sooner than with traditional technical support reporting methods.

All data is maintained in a secured big data infrastructure for fast, continuous access.

On-demand EOL/EOS/EOE reports are created showing the currently deployed network inventory.

These reports typically include device, announcement details, last software engineering support, last hardware engineering support, and replacement product information.

Proactive notification to significantly reduce the time spent by the operations manager for bug review and provide immediate impact analysis to Juniper TAC and the operations team in case of critical bugs identified as risk to the network operations.

Automated Incident Management Junos Space Service Now simplifies the tasks associated with incident management with just a few clicks.

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