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” The girl gasps silently -- she is taken backwards in time, back to the apologetics they taught in 7th grade, again and again,...But before she can respond, the driver presses the brakes.It’s all a bunch of sexist garbage.” The boy and girl laugh nervously over the profanity, and the girl says slowly, “Well, I don’t think religion The boy turns back to the driver: “But don’t you agree, sir, that if you have the most precious diamond in the world, you keep it wrapped up?You don’t take it to the streets to show the entire world?As a married woman, I get to see the other side of the dating world these days – that of the ‘matchmaker’ – and wonder what message is being sent to my generation of bright, religiously passionate women.The yeshiva boy’s date cuts him off and leans forward to the driver, deciding to turn her frustrations into a joke: “Sir, he doesn’t really care about the heels.From a well-to-do family, too.” Suddenly, I am being asked to set up matches -- though it feels like moments ago that I was that girl being set up and attending weddings like some beauty pageant. She’s not so thin, a size six, on the heavy side really.” I listen and nod, head spinning with my own memories.

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Then I think it over again and say, actually, I’m so sorry, I just realized that she’s not for you, sorry, never mind, I will think of someone else. He’s already seen her picture -- he is struck by her beauty. (It’s 2015, and men will still compliment my husband on marrying for love.) But do I regret those years, invested in looks?

This is evident in Kikar Shabbat, Israel’s most powerful of Haredi publications online, which features images of women who are modestly dressed.

It was evident, decades ago, when the Lubavitcher Rebbe insisted that all children’s educational materials include pictures of girls as well as of boys on the cover (“There must be a girl!

The girls were eyeing me carefully, the way a student eyes the principal, hoping she won’t catch her dress code infraction.

With a snap of the fingers, I had become that ‘young married woman’, that woman flicking her wig bangs away from her eyes.

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